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If you search for a definition of eczema, then know that this is an inflammation of the skin, usually causing itching and sometimes accompanied by crusting, scaling or blisters. A type of eczema often made worse by allergen exposure is termed "atopic dermatitis." and eczema is even worse for babies which can’t control their actions and tend to scratch worsening eczema. A good treatment for baby eczema is eczema creams, which when used properly can reduce the dryness of the skin.

Some think that using moisture cream can lead to eliminating eczema. Unfortunately, moisturizing lotions can not penetrate deep enough into the skin and hydrate adequately the skin. This is why specialists recommend creams and ointments. Due to the fact that they are heavier than lotions are and they act differently by creating a seal over the skin, preventing the loss of water, they can penetrate the skin deeper and hydrate it properly, eliminating eczema’s effects. These lubricants should be used each day, preferably after a few minutes after a bath. Specialists also recommend that before you apply a lubricant you use a steroid cream.

Steroid creams are among the most common treatments for eczema. What these creams do is they act as a local anti-inflammatory product. When the skin is affected by eczema, an inflammatory reaction occurs. This cream will act against this process, stopping the itching. The best steroid creams are only available with a doctor prescription, and most of them can only be used under medical supervision. Unfortunately, strong steroid creams can affect children growth, and affect the hormonal level; therefore you must use milder creams, which will have no secondary effects on your children’s skin.

But, if you are facing an eczema cycle, it is best you use something better than a baby eczema cream. What doctors recommend in such cases is an over the counter cortisone cream. Yet, this product is not for everyday use, and it must be used only in several conditions. Such a cream includes hydrocortisone and Cortaid. Once you use such a cream, and the cycle is broken, reduce the amount applied and gradually stop. A recommendation is to track in a notebook what is the cause of eczema and discuss this with your doctor. It is also recommended that you meet with your doctor before any prescription or nonprescription moisturizers are used.

Another effective treatment for baby eczema is flaxseed oil. This product, mostly used in European countries is highly effective against skin inflammation. One table spoon each day can lead to avoiding the discomfort created by eczema. In addition to this treatment you could also try evening primrose. This product has the same effect as flaxseed oil, so it can be considered an alternative. 

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