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Baby eczema is one of the most common skin problems for baby’s and can be very frustrating.  One of the best ways to treat baby eczema is to spot the cause of the eczema and avoid it.  An immediate improvement might not be seen, however if you are going to effectively treat eczema it needs to be done.

Here are some eczema treatment tips:

Eczema Cream Bottles
  • Don’t have long baths with the baby. Research shows that lengthy baths and soaps contribute to the problem for most babies. When exposed to water for a long time the skin prunes which disrupts the moisture keeping layer of skin.

  • Avoid dressing your baby and yourself in wool or any other harsh material (cotton is best).

  • Avoid conditions that will make your baby sweat such as additional blankets and humidity.

  • Wash the baby clothes in a sensitive skin detergent (non-biological).

  • Remove dairy products such as eggs, cow milk from your baby’s diet.

  • At least twice a day apply moisturizing cream to the affected areas. It is best to apply the moisturizer right after the babies bath, while the baby is still damp. This will keep the skin moist and help protect the skin from other irritants.

  • If the eczema is quite bad a humidifier (A machine that puts moisture in the air) placed in the room will help prevent the skin getting dry.

  • In extreme cases scratch mitts to stop your baby scratching their eczema may be necessary.

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