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Prevent Winter baby Eczema with These Skincare Tips

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A baby with eczema is miserable with rough, itchy skin, and winter is often the time it flares up the worst. Why is eczema worse in the winter? It is because the air is drier than in the summer, but people tend to bundle up more at the same time. The sudden changes in temperature so frequent in winter, such as when one gets out from under a warm blanket, can cause eczema to get worse. Here are some tips for improving your baby's eczema in spite of winter weather.

The dryness of winter is what causes winter eczema, so the first line of defense is moisturizing the baby's skin. This is best done with an oily cream or ointment. Baby lotions contain a lot of moisture, but it doesn't stay in the skin as well as the emollient action of a cream does. Scoop a spoonful of cream from the tub and lay it on a plate or paper towel. Then using your fingers, spread it thickly onto the baby's rash. Rub in the direction the hair grows. Do not try to rub the cream into the baby's skin. Just let it set until it absorbs naturally into the skin.

If the outbreak of eczema is particularly raw, you may need to apply some mild cortisone cream to break the cycle. Look for a cream that contains no more than one percent hydro-cortisone. After it has had 20 minutes to soak in, you can apply an emollient skin cream to the area. It is best to moisturize the baby's skin at least four times a day. The most important time is right after the baby's bath.

Some doctors have recommended less frequent bathing for babies with eczema, since bathing tends to dry the skin even more. Other doctors say frequent baths are good, but they must be lukewarm and kept very short. If the water is too hot, it will intensify itching, and if the bath is too long, it will cause the skin to dry out. When the bath is done, pat the baby's skin dry quickly and thoroughly, and then apply the moisturizer.

When it is winter, the baby needs to be dressed warmly, of course, but sometimes parents dress babies too warmly. In a heated room, a baby should be dressed like the parent would want to be dressed. Clothing that are too hot, such as blanket sleeper, can cause the baby to sweat, making eczema worse.

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